Larry Dean, MBA

  • A no-cost complete review of your retirement goals prior to any decision on solutions to protect & enhance your estate
  • Provide tax-free insurance provision payout for your trust or estate
  • Cover your health care needs prior to and after moving into Medicare
  • An analysis of your monthly cash stream to determine if your investments are going to provide sufficient income to accomplish your goals
  • Ongoing assessment annually to determine if your planning is still on course
  • Guide you to competent legal and tax representation to assure your intended heirs receive what you wanted upon your death
  • Annual review of prescription medications you take to see which Medicare Part D plan will work best for you in the coming year

Senior Products Insurance:

just a few Benefits You Will receive

My most important accomplishment is earning the confidence of life-long clients  through assisting them in developing retirement goals that includes successful solutions to protect their retirement funds.

Knowledge Base

Taking Care of Your Estate

We can direct you to excellent estate planning attorneys to establish your estate.  Then, we provide the tools to protect your estate both while still living, and upon your death.   

Licensed in Life & Health insurance since 1999, with a proven track record of assisting Missouri and Kansas seniors and those planning for retirement.

Wichita State University graduate, with a Masters Degree in Business Administration from The University of Arizona.  Insurance licensed in 11 states, specializing in Missouri and Kansas clients.


Choosing Your Coverage

Why risk a lifetime of savings?  It is to your advantage to use the services of someone that specializes in retirement planning.  We have the products that not only protect your nest egg, but also extend the life of your estate.

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Larry Dean, MBA

Qualifications at a Glance

  • Medicare Supplements, "All-In-One"  Advantage Plans & Part D Prescription Plans
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance planning to Leave a Legacy, and to Protect Your Estate
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance
  • Annuities for Enhanced Retirement Income