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Knowing when and how to apply for Medicare benefits is confusing.  I will send you complete information on how and when to do this very important step toward your healthcare.  In addition, we will discuss the differences between having a Medicare Supplement or enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan.  Often the least expensive up-front policy may turn out to be the most expensive when you encounter a major health issue.  And, we will advise you as to which Medicare Part D plan is best for your current needs for prescription drugs.  And, most importantly, I don't forget you once the paperwork is complete.  You will become part of my online updates on Medicare, and annually I will perform a review of your prescription drug usage to see if you would save money by switching carriers for the coming year. 


It's a hard statistic to comprehend, but 70% of the time at least one of a couple reaching age 65 or older will need long-term care before they die.  While that in itself is staggering, from a retirement planning position it means a great deal of your estate will be consumed paying for care, unless you plan ahead using long-term care insurance.   


I often tell clients my mission in life is helping seniors find the solutions they need to insure for their retirement.  At the same time I also realize that insurance and annuity income enhancements may pave the way when it comes to paying for the cost of care, but you can never replace good health at any cost.

Until you personally experience the need for your insurance policy benefits, insurance is often regarded as just something you might want to have, but often do without.  Fortunately for my wife, we had the proper insurance coverage when she developed terminal cancer.

My wife's hospitalization insurance paid for many of her  needed services, including radiation and her chemo treatments.  In addition, she had the type of policy that did not restrict her to a limited number of service providers.  You quickly discover how much medicine is needed when you encounter a major illness, and again her health insurance paved the way for the necessary prescriptions to extend her life.

Her long-term care insurance policy helped pay for the high cost of in-home care that was needed each day of the week.  Just knowing that we would be reimbursed for her care was a true blessing to our household.  She was more receptive to the added care needed knowing the majority of the cost would be paid for by the insurance carrier, rather than us.  This relieved her knowing she was not imposing a financial crisis due to her illness.  And, the added services greatly aided me in continuing as a bread winner for our family, through providing a way for me to leave her side when I needed to assist my clients.

She also had final expense insurance.  This guaranteed issue policy was sufficient to pay for the funeral service and related expenses of internment.  Until you personally experience firshand the high and rising cost of burial in this country, you may not have have a ture appreciation of how smototh things can go with the proper insurance coverage.

No, insurance did not save the life of my wife, but it did pay the high cost of providing the best care available when she needed it the most.  And, it helped greatly in covering the funeral expenses.  Too often insurance is viewed by the public as just another expense they don't want to include in their budget.  However, you need to plan ahead, as the time to purchase a policy is when you are in good health, in advance of the need.  Fortunately, we had followed my own advice and had the proper coverage in place prior to my wife's health setback.

Let me encourage you to sincerely schedule your own retirement planning review with me and check into your insurance protection and potential needs.  As I can personally attest, this is truly an important family matter.  I would consider it a privilege to assist you on a wide variety of options available through my independent agency.  There is no obligation in discussing your options.  Simply give me a call at 913-296-7635, or complete the Contact information at this website.    

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